Senior Grand Master Ed Parker

Edmund Kealoha Parker, SR.
"Father of American Kenpo"
(March 19, 1931 - December 15, 1990)

     Senior Grand Master Ed Parker is known worldwide as the "Father of American Kenpo Karate" and was the president and founder of the Ed Parker Kenpo school chain, as well as the International Kenpo Karate Association. S.G.M. Edmund Kealoha Parker was born on March 19, 1931 in Honolulu, Hawaii where he lived until 1950, when he left to attend college in Utah. He studied and earned his Black Belt in Kenpo Karate under the late Professor William K.S. Chow. S.G.M. Parker

     Soon after he began his study of Kenpo, S.G.M. Ed Parker knew that Kenpo would become a way of life for him. He opened his first private Kenpo Club in 1954 at Brigham Young University and his first public school in September of 1956 in Pasadena, California. Early in his training, S.G.M. Ed Parker realized the need to further modify the Art of Kenpo to suit modern day fighting situations.

     S.G.M. Parker became a creative innovator. "Ed Parker's American Kenpo System" is based on principals, theoretical innovations, and logic not yet employed by other systems. He traveled frequently to share his vast knowledge of Kenpo, and he was also very active in writing books (most notable are his five volume series in Infinite Insights into Kenpo). He passed away before his time in 1990, without leaving behind a successor to his art. Although S.G.M. Parker is no longer around, we keep the flame burning and focus on teaching his art the way it was meant to be taught- a scientific study of motion.

     "I come to you with only Karate...
Empty Hands
I have no weapons, but should I be
forced to defend myself,
my principles or my honor,
Should it be a matter of life or
death, of right or wrong...
then here are my weapons... Karate,
My Empty Hands"
                                          -S.G.M. Ed Parker