Martial Arts

     At Ultimate Kenpo Warriors, we consider all our students a part of our extended family. Our team is dedicated to help you gain the confidence and necessary skills needed to become leaders. We understand that not everyone learns at the same speed in the same way, which is why we allow all our students to develop at their own pace by not focusing on their belt color, but rather their physical and mental understanding of the American Kenpo System.

    Here are some benefits you or your child will receive while training here at Ultimate Kenpo Warriors:

♦ Bully Prevention & Self Defense
♦ Leadership Skills & Perseverance
♦ Improved Overall Health & Fitness
♦ Improved Listening & Focusing Skills
♦ Higher Levels of Respect & Self Confidence
♦ Improved Hand-Eye Coordination & Motor Skills

    At Ultimate Kenpo Warriors, we offer several different martial arts programs for children and adults depending on age: Tiny Tiger/Little Dragons, Jr. Warriors, Teens/Adults, Sparring/B.J.J., Weapons/Tournament, Self-Defense, and Tai-Chi

ld class

Tiny Tiger/ Little Dragon Program:

     This 30 minute program is designed for children ages 3-6. Classes consist of Kenpo forms, sets, and techniques, in addition to grappling positions, and sparring drills. This program also includes educational and recreational games that help develop hand-eye coordination, as well as, listening and motor skills.

kid class

Jr. Warriors Program:

     This 45 minute program is designed for children ages 7-12. Classes consist of Kenpo forms, sets, techniques, in addition to, technique application, sparring drills and application, B.J.J. positions, holds, and locks. This program also included several fitness, reaction and focusing games that help raise physical strength, as well as, confidence and self-esteem levels.

adult class

Teens/Adults Program:

      This 1 hour program is designed for teenagers and adults starting from age 13 and up. Classes consist of forms, sets, techniques, concepts and theories of Ed Parker's American Kenpo System.


Sparring/B.J.J. Program:

      This 30 minute program is designed for teenagers and adults starting from age 13 and up. This class follows our Teen/Adult class and its full of conditioning and fitness drills, sparring drills and applications, B.J.J. drills and applications.


Weapons/Tournament Programs:

      Our 45 minute weapons and tournament classes consist of drills, forms and games. We try to compete at least three times a year in tournaments such as Pan Ams, Newbreed and 4 Seasons. Our tournament team is always looking for sponsors. For more information about sponsoring please contact our team manager; Alexander Perez.


Self-Defense Program:

      Don't feel like a victim! Be empowered by our one hour class that covers basic self-defense techniques in a friendly environment. This one hour class consist of drills and applications that help build awareness as well as reaction time and speed. We can not guarantee victory, but we can help you minimize defeat. This program is for ages 15 and up. If you are interested in this program please call to speak to a representative since we are not offering this program at this time. We are looking forward to restarting the program after the summer.