Charles Harriott

Charles Harriott "Mr. Charles"
B.J.J. Instructor


     Charles Harriott began training the martial arts at the age of three. He began training Tae-Kwon-Do with Jeff Pupo in his garage. Pupo shortly after opened a school where Charles continued. The school was purchased by Bennie Cornett and Charles stayed on as a student through the transition. It is here he began his training in American Kenpo at the age of six. He would continue training there for the next twelve years obtaining his junior, apprentice, and finally 1st degree black belt. During this time he coached sparring, demo, and competition teams, instructed classes and began cross training in kickboxing, kali, basic aikido and judo through seminars and specialty classes at Boca's Best Karate. It was here that he met Alexander Perez and the two began exchanging knowledge and improving one another's skills especially in the realm of full contact sparring.

      In 2004, Charles left Boca Raton to earn his B.S. in Physics from the University of Florida, in Gainesville. While there, though on a slight martial arts hiatus, he continued to improve his skills through gymnastics and break dancing. In 2006, Charles began to train under Professor Steven Levi, in the Universal Martial System, a martial art with elements of striking, takedowns and grappling. This led to his increased proficiency and passion for the grappling arts. Since then he has earned his purple belt in the Universal Martial System, his green belt in Judo from the University of Florida Judo Club under Honatho Saddler, his blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Renshinkan Academy in affiliation with De la Riva Jiu Jitsu under Beto Nunes and Raffa Santos. Since graduating college with a B.S. in Physics in 2008, Charles has focused his training more on grappling earning both his purple and brown belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from Beto Nunes. He currently trains with Beto Nunes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Team, F2 fight team, and Whirling Tiger Kung Fu in Gainesville, Florida.